Royalty Free Stock Cartoon Clipart by Cory Thoman

  1. Friendly White Guy Stating an Idea, with a Blank Word Box
  2. Happy Blue Jellyfish Smiling
  3. Pink Brain Face Storm with Lightning
  4. Chubby White Businessman Holding up a Finger
  5. Cartoon Friendly Sitting Elephant Waving
  6. Female Viking Smiling over a Banner
  7. Cute Chihuahua Puppy Sitting
  8. Polar Bear Presenting a Rose
  9. Green Jelly Bean
  10. Strong Super Hero Flying
  11. Chubby Ginger Cat Sitting and Waving
  12. Blond Boy Pointing
  13. Brunette White Girl Dreaming and Sleeping in Bed
  14. Loving Centipede with Hearts
  15. Excited Brown Dachshund Dog Jumping
  16. Bomb Character Doing a Happy Dance
  17. Plump Red Haired White Female Farmer with an Idea
  18. Loving Pirate Captain with Open Arms
  19. Girl Astronaut Flying in Space
  20. Mad Short Plump King
  21. Chubby Black Businessman Shrugging
  22. Sad Bald Wizard Man
  23. Pink Cupcake with Big Eyes
  24. Chubby Blue Bird Chick
  25. Golfing White Rabbit Holding the Club Against the Ball on the Tee
  26. Happy Cheering Blue Robot Boy
  27. Depressed Green Baby Triceratops Dinosaur
  28. Goofy Bull Sitting and Reading
  29. Happy Pillbug Jumping up and down
  30. Chef Rino Carrying a Platter
  31. Happy Butterfly Standing
  32. Happy Rhino Leaping
  33. Chubby Leprechaun Looking over a Blank Banner
  34. Happy Sun Character Waving
  35. Surprised Gasping Gnome